I am Michael Curn, a freelance 3D modeler and hobbyist photographer and programmer with experience in software analysis. I am certified in 3ds Max via Brainbench, and proficient with JavaScript, Unity3D 3.x, and Lightzone. These are not just jobs or hobbies, they are my passions. I have a passion for working with others. I want to utilize my 3D or scripting and software analysis skills to help someone’s project come to fruition. I want to take photos for someone’s special event, family member, or location. I found that many of my skills can cross over with each other to help make this a reality. I can composite a digitally-created image into a photograph, or make an interactive walk-through of a building, or put together a short animation that adheres to established ideas of good shot composition. I also continually strive to improve, and I hope the more examples I post here will demonstrate that.

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